Saturday, July 19, 2008

Indian Wedding

A few months ago, a friend of mine, Vineet, invited most of his friends to come to India with him this summer. His brother got married there this week, and it was an enormous celebration: a four day wedding, 400 guests, and I heard rumors about elephants being invited too. Three of my friends actually went with him to partake in the wedding, but most of us didn't have the time or money.

In honor of the wedding, though, the people remaining in Norway decided to go out to eat a nice Indian dinner.
We ended up going to a new Indian restaurant in Oslo called Indian House (Fred Olsens Gate 11, 0152 Oslo, T: 22 41 79 00). A friend of mine had gotten a brochure for it from someone passing them out on the street, and since we were in the market for an Indian restaurant anyway, we decided to go there.

I was sceptical, because restaurants that have to advertise on the street usually aren't amazing, but I was happily suprised! It turned out to be a nice place with REALLY good food and great prices to be Oslo. (Food in Oslo can be pretty pricey, as I've mentioned before).

I had Gosht Badami Korma, which is Lamb in a nut and coconut creamy curry. It was perfectly cooked, nice and tender, and the spices were great. I also had Peshawari Nan, a sweet nan with coconut, raisins and nuts. It's quickly becoming my favorite kind of nan, but it can be a little weird for some people; I think it takes some getting used to. My friends tried a bunch of other meals, such as Zinga Til Tila, an appetizer of spicy king prawns deepfried with sesame seeds, Palak Gosht, lamb in a garlic and spinach sauce, and Jhinga Kadhai, king prawns with onion, tomato, corriander, and capsicum. Everyone was very pleased with their food choices.

It was a great way to celebrate the newlyweds, and a little taste of India for those of us who couldn't actually go on the trip. AND we found a nice new restaurant in Oslo too!

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