Tuesday, July 8, 2008

German bliss

I've been in Germany for the past few days for my couisn's son's baptism and have had quite a few amazing food experiences.

The first was the buffet on the ferry down to Germany from Norway, where I basically stuffed myself solid. They had so many different kinds of food, as buffets normally do, and I had to try as many as possible. That's my technique at buffets, quantity of items tasted is definitely what I go for, not to put together a cohesive meal, which I've actually met some people who do. I'll never have the self-discipline! I also try to not get completely and utterly stuffed, but then end up failing miserably. It's all worth it, though, isn't it!? I tried crawfish for the first time, and learned the technique for cracking one open. There were also about 10 different kinds of desserts, about half of them cakes and the other half puddings... My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The second food experience was at the baptism; there was this absolutely amazing cake that someone had made for the reception, but I will have to post about that later... stay tuned. Here's a picture to let you start thinking about it.

The third food experience was at this cute beergarden in a small town called "Altstadt" (directly translated: Old City) just outside of Nurnberg. Chantarelles, this fantastic tasting mushroom which are all over the woods in Germany (and Norway too, by the way!), are in season, and they had a mushroom soup on the menu that was amazing. It was creambased and was rich and the mushrooms fit so well with it. Oh my.

And these experiences are just the specific ones I'm mentioning among all of the other berry and fruit cakes. And sausages. And cheeses. Germans know how to eat.

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