Monday, October 10, 2011

Thoughts on Intervals

There are few stages in life that consist so actively of thinking about how one wants to define oneself as those intervals that are spent looking for jobs. This process isn’t just about envisioning who one wants to be in the professional world, but it seems to be just as much about understanding oneself in contexts completely isolated from career aspirations.

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It’s been almost exactly a month since my job search in London started full-on. I’ve spent that time applying for positions, contacting companies I want to work for, and envisioning a possible future in various roles. I’m constantly imagining what my everyday life might be like were I to work here or there. Taking the very little I know about each place, my mind creates possible scenarios at each one, vaguely seeing myself doing this job or that. So much of my state of being during this phase seems to be spent looking towards the future, scrambling to get out of the here and now to where I’d like to be, to become who I want to be.