Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Pie Shop

A few of my friends and I went out to Prospect Park in Brooklyn this evening because Bob Dylan was playing there. I'm not a Bob Dylan fan. I mean, he can be good background music, but his nasal voice has never done it for me. He was obvioulsy not playing for free, but he was playing outside, so although there was a fence up to prevent anyone who wasn't paying from seeing him, we could hear him pretty well. We sat with hundreds of people outside the fence, and basically just enjoyed sitting outside, goofing off with some nice background music. And he's a legend, and living legends are the kind of people you have to sit outside a fence to hear every once in a while, even though they're not your thing.

We left the concert early to beat the rush back on the metro, and my friend Sheri was like, "Look, pretty lights!" -meaning that a street down to the right looked cozy. The whole Prospect Park area is a really nice area, by the way, very pretty. So we took a detour away from the metro station and started strolling down the street. I stopped and turned around. My friends saw my eyes light up.

"Pie!" I said.

"The Pie Shop", it was called, a small little store that sells pies and other pastries. The four of us entered the store and just sort of stood there staring. The guy behind the counter was like, "want to try something for free?" I had to do a double-take. "Free...pie...and...pastries?" My eyes opened wide.

The store was just closing for the night and they were giving away free pastries as a result. I had an Almond Pound Cake and it tasted heavenly. "Want something else?" he said. I love this guy. "Can I have a peach tart?" Oh man. Pandora's box.

I looked them up online when I got home, and apparently they're called "Down Under Bakery" and their speciality is New Zealand/Australian style meat pies! I'm going to need to try them. They have two locations in Brooklyn, but the one I went to is at 211 Prospect Park West (corner of 16th St) Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718-788-2448) And you can order them for shipping pretty much anywhere in the states. Amazing, no?

I'm going back to Prospect Park just to get pie sometime. I love pie.

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