Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mango Sticky Rice!

I met a friend of mine in midtown for drinks the other day. We caught up on what we'd been working on since the last time we saw each other, he showed off his new iphone, and then, of course, we started talking about food. Somehow he managed to gather the seemingly devastating information that I had never had the pleasure of trying Mango Sticky Rice.

"We're getting some tonight!" he said. "Ugh," I said.

I had just stuffed myself with dinner at a diner with my brother and his family. It was the kind of place where they remember you from the last time you'd been there and serve you ginormous portions and soup and dessert is included in the meal.

Eating any more food wasn't really an option for me, especially rice, which is so filling. I pictured a pile of rice with mango bits around it. It didn't sound appealing. I just wanted to sit and down some cold beer. Mmmm.

After the first beer, we were out on the street, and my friend already had his iphone up on the gps system, and was typing in "thai" to find the closest thai restaurant so that I could join the wonderous elite that had tried Mango Sticky Rice as soon as possible. I thought this whole iphone thing was kind of neat, so I said, "Ok, I'll go with you and try some of YOUR Mango Sticky Rice".

The iphone navigated us to a thai place which was called Little Thai Kitchen on east 53rd street. They were just stacking the chairs on the tables as we were arriving to close up for the night, but told us where the next closest thai restaurant was that would still be open, at 945 2nd ave, at 50th street, a place called "Pooket" (212-759-6339).

I found out later that this restaurant is where my brother took my sister-in-law on their first date.

We sat down, ordered Mango Sticky Rice, and awaited its arrival. When it came, I took one bite, and announced, "Ok, we're sharing this." It was awesome. And a dessert! Which I somehow didn't manage to gather ahead of time. The soft and juicy mango paired with sweet, gooey rice topped with toasted sesame seeds was such a great combination! I was sold. I really do think my life is better after trying Mango Sticky Rice.

People never seem to get dessert at Thai restaurants, and if they do, they seem to always get fried ice cream (just because it's such a crazy idea: "Wait, it's ICE cream, and you're going to DEEPFRY it?!"). People should start getting dessert at Thai restaurants.

After the amazing food stop, the night eventually led to more beers, Brooklyn, and me falling asleep on the subway on the way home to catch four and a half hours of sleep before work the next morning.

By the way, the picture is taken with my friend's iphone. I might have to get me one of those. Possibly.

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droach75 said...

That sound interesting, I would love to give it ago.

In my local Thai restraunt,,I am pretty sure they don't have that on the menu. I should maybe make a special request.

the I-phone sounds pretty cool to.

D. from the UK