Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you want to go to the seaside?

My guy and I have been talking about heading down to Brighton some weekend to see what it's all about for quite a while.  With my departure for the summer from the UK coming close, though, it looked like it wasn't going to happen: I had plans every weekend I had left before the summer. Then it dawned on me: I am a student.

Brighton Smokehouse Kipper Sandwich - see below

Why not... go on a... weekday?


So, Thursday last week we played hooky from the library and hopped on a train down to the seaside. We walked along the beach, played some arcade games on the pier, then headed up to the university to hear a friend play his jazz piano examination recital, before wandering around in the Lanes, an area with all of these great alternative stores and cafes. I left Brighton at the end of the day with bright-red sunburnt cheeks, wanting to stay longer, which is always the best way to leave a city.

We had lunch at The Brighton Smokehouse down on the beach. The prices are real decent and they do an absolutely fantastic smoked kipper sandwich. Such smokiness! It's this tiny charming place with all kinds of treasures from the sea. Order inside and stand at one of their tables outside, where you can see the ocean and their traditional smokehouse, a little hut opposite the shop.

The Brighton Smokehouse
Yay, student-life!

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R said...

I WAS THERE! God bless those guys.

I went the weekend after I submitted the dissertation, and it turned out to be such an important trip in terms of having a break from that darn document, fretting over details, et al. Walk along the English Channel after gorging on these beauties was spectacular.

It so happened that the Brighton Food & Drink festival was on the weekend I was there. It was, let's say, nearly orgasmic. It was a Mexican special of some sort for the first two days and oh, all the things I ate...