Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Food Market

So here's a fun fact: studying entails a lot of reading. Like massive amounts.

I somehow managed to forget just how much reading studying requires. I think I was focusing on the meeting new people, managing your own time, discussing interesting topics aspects of studying and it slipped from my memory.

So, I've been spending the better part of each day this week reading and I'm still hopelessly behind. But I am here in London, and I am a pro at procrastinating, so I took the morning off and went to a little food market on the Southbank with a few of the others from my student house.
Food market parking lot
London has tons of food markets, with tons of amazing food. At this one, they had cheese, organic wine, meat pie, cupcake, jam, bakery, churros, Indian, Turkish (cashew honey baklava: YUM), Lebanese, Moroccan, Polish (etc., etc.) stands, many of which were giving out samples (hooray!)

I had a Chicken Bastilla for lunch, this Moroccan pastry filled with spiced chicken, sweet almonds and cinnamon in an orangy kind of sauce. Fantastic.

My absolute favorite stand was this vegan one that made all of these different kind of loaves, not only banana bread, but ginger & fig, mango, mixed berry, carrot & cherry bread. They also had the most amazing banana fritters and curry puffs.

Can't wait to go to ALL the other food markets in London.

And now I really must get back to reading.

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