Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something really American

Yesterday, I sat on a plane.

When I got to Boston, my brother picked me up from the airport and asked where I wanted to eat. "Sushi?" he said.

"How about something REALLY American?" I said, having been gone from the States for a whopping 7 months.

"Oh easy," he said, "Red Bones."

Yes, true. Yes, of course.

I lived in Boston for a few years a while back while I went to school. I had an internship in Davis Square, and whenever an intern would finish their time at the company, we would use it as an excuse to have lunch at Red Bones. Because it's an absolutely fantastic place.

Red Bones is bona-fide BBQ. They have every kind of ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, jerk chicken, all done right. Not to mention the collard greens, mac & cheese, cole slaw, corn bread, candied yams...and so, so many kinds of beer on tap.

I rolled out of there after dinner last night, nice and stuffed and jet-lagged. I was back in the USA.

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