Saturday, September 20, 2008

Basia Bulat

I found out Basia Bulat was coming to New York to do a show about a month and a half ago and have been waiting ever since for today. Basia is a sweet and adorable musician from London, Ontario and sometimes her music makes me want to cry because it's so beautiful, but most of the time it's just very nice to listen to. Here's her myspace page if you want to check her out.

I was all set on going alone, something I've been doing more and more with concerts lately, just cause it's an easy thing to do, but luckily a friend of mine texted me, asked what I was doing tonight, and jumped on going to the concert with me. We met up ahead of time to grab some dinner.

I have been CRAVING a burger for the past couple of days and I have no idea why. Sometimes you just need a big hunk of meat to bite into. And some ketchup. My friend suggested Burgers & Cupcakes, a place on W 23rd st, but when we got there, it was closed, apparently forever!? I hope not, because the concept seems AMAZING. I LOVE burgers and I LOVE cupcakes. I don't see how that business plan could ever go wrong.

Another friend of mine had been talking about this place called Shake Shack, an outdoor burger joint in Madison Square Park. I figured we'd give it a a try, although, I thought it was kind of weird that a burger place could be so amazing that it'd be something to recommend to other people.

And then, once in the park, there was a crazy line leading up to the Shack. Always the optimist, I took it as a good sign, meaning it was probably worth the wait.

I was right. I might even say you haven't tasted a real burger til you've tried the one at Shake Shack. But on top of that, the fries were incredible. BUT on top of THAT, their shakes were out of this world. We got a black and white shake, a vanilla and hot fudge custard... Taking a sip of this shake brings you from one taste to the next to yet another during the course of swallowing it. Now that's a real shake.

Another cool thing is that parts of the earnings from the Shack go to upkeep of the park, AND they have a camera on their website, so you can check on how bad the line is, although, I assure you, it's worth the wait.

Our only real regret was that we didn't have time to wait in line again to get more... Oh glorious burgers... I will dream about you.

The concert was amazing.

"I wanna believe you
You know that I try
It's just the way that you look sometimes
Oh it's been hard on me
It's only feeling
But after all this time, why can't it be mine?"

Do you think she's singing about a burger in this song?

*I didn't take this photo, grabbed it from the Shake Shack website, just so you have some kind of visual stimulus*

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Alex said...

Glad you've started dating again:

"Sometimes you just need a big hunk of meat to bite into."