Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today, Sam and I went out to eat breakfast at Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory in Jersey City. (Address - 426 Jersey Av, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302. Phone - (201) 433-0471) It's turning into something of a tradition for us to go there when I go to visit her, if by tradition, you mean doing it twice.

They have a HUGE breakfast selection, anything you could want or imagine. Tons of different kinds of pancakes (I had banana walnut ones today!), Belgian Waffles (which, when covered in peaches, take less than 5 minutes to eat when you're really hungry. Don't ask me how I know this), omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, combos.... The French Toast version of which are Sam and Kat's (Kat is Sam's BFF..her other one...one of her other ones) favorite thing to eat there. It's a matter of personal pride for them to attempt to finish the entire thing, although it has sausages, eggs, bacon, AND three huge sopping wet (in maple sirup) pieces of french toast with powdered sugar on top. Sam came awfully close today. A valiant effort.

Also, I should mention that when Sam eats, she cuts all her food up before she eats it, which must be a very practical and good way to eat, I just get too excited about eating that I can't wait for the time it takes to cut things up before eating. Hence the less than 5 minute Belgian Waffle.

Mmmm... breakfast.

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